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Frequently Asked Questions:

How are your prices lower than everyone else????
What does"Die-Cut" mean?
What kind of vinyl do you use.
How long does your vinyl last?
How much for a custom decal?
Are the decals legal on my vehicle?
Are the decals permanent?
Do you have other designs?
I got bubbles in my lettering, what should I do?
Do you have other designs?
Are the decals hard to apply?
Will the decal harm my painted surfaces of my vehicle?
Can your vinyl decals be clear coated (painted)? If so, what is the procedure?
Can vinyl car decals be applied to t shirts?
What may reduce vinyl to last a shorter time?
Can the vinyl be used on painted walls?
The decal kept sticking to the paper backing. What should I do?
What is the Wet Method?
How difficult is it to remove the decal?
Is it OK for my windshield wipers to hit the decal?
Can I get lettering to fit the curve of your windshield?
What happens if I order the wrong size / color/ item?
Can I get my money back?
Can I put your decals on painted wood?
Can your graphics be applied to a boat?
I want to send you a design I created. What file format should I send?
What do you mean you "Design for Free"?
Can I wax or wash my vehicle right after I install the decals?
Do you offer quantity discount pricing?
Should you be worried about placing an order online with us?
Can I mail in an order with a personal check or money order? If so, how?
Do you accept Purchase Orders from municipals?

Your price is significantly lower than other places, how is this possible?

Do you use a lower grade vinyl material? - No, we just know how to minimize our expenses in these hard times, the owner of the company used to be a teacher for Web Design and Graphic Design so she does alot of the work for the website and creating new designs rather than paying expensive designers. We also exercise bulk purchasing power to set our costs low, so we can offer highest quality product with highest service. You will experience quality product with quality service. We offer highest quality of products. Believe us, we make every single order as we make our own company signage.

What does"Die-Cut" mean?

Die Cut means to cut with a plotter machine, the plotter has a small razor in the tip that cuts your decal out. The design is cut on a piece of vinyl with and behind the vinyl is liner paper (like a heavy duty wax paper) then by hand we remove the unwanted pieces of your design with a picking tool, which is called "weeding" they are then covered with protective application tape (pre-mask). To apply your decal . . . simply peel off the pre mask tape along with your decal from the liner paper then apply to your surface , then remove the top application tape, and only your design will remain! In the industry this is called "Kiss-Cut".

What kind of vinyl do you use.

We use Avery 2.8 mil and/or Oracal 2.5 mil for regular colors. Vector brand and new PhotoTex Wall Fabric.

How long does your vinyl last?

Our vinyl is fade resistant, all weatherproof, won't crack chip or peel. It's average life span is 6 years with normal 'use'. However, usually much much longer indoors. Metallic vinyls are min 1-3 years durability.

How much for a custom decal?

Custom decals are priced by colors, qty, dimensions and design details. Postage can vary due to weight and type of shipment. On average packages cost $6.00 - $9.95

Are the decals legal on my vehicle?

Different states have vastly different laws and regulations regarding decal placement. Most decals are legal as long as they do not block the driver's view of the road.

First, we are not lawyers (thankfully) and do not offer legal advice. The following may be good food for thought. Laws do vary from state to state. For that manner, application of laws vary from county to county and city to city. Even from officer to officer. Generally speaking, it seems, if you do not block the driver's view of the road, then most decals should be just fine. To our knowledge, the only concern is in the laws governing decals on your vehicle's glass, not on the body of your vehicle. We can not be responsible for where decals, graphics, and lettering are installed. Nor can we keep track of how different areas apply the many conflicting vehicle laws. That being said, we have sold tens of thousands of decals and less than a 1% of customers have had problems. And most of these were because of the decal being installed in a way that obviously impaired visibility or because of the way the 'citizen' reacted to the officer (so be nice). Think it through and be careful. Check your local laws if your thinking about purchasing a decal and that will be applied to the glass of your vehicle.

Are the decals permanent?

YES, they are permanent until you choose to remove them. Removing decal will also destroy it.

I got bubbles in my lettering, what should I do?

Sorry to hear about the problem, it happens to us all sometimes. Gladly, the problem can be fixed. First, it would be good to review the instructions here to see where the problem started. As mentioned on the instructions page: " could be from the heat or 'bad squeegee technique', if you get bubbles they can easily be pushed out if you used the wet method..." But, if you do not use the wet method or the decal has started to 'dry' and the bubbles will not push out, these bubbles can be popped easily, by slightly cutting the bubble with a razor knife (or blade) or using a pin and then pushed down.

If you use a sharp pointed razor knife, there will be NO evidence that the bubble was there (no blemish will be left on the vinyl). Professional installers do this quite often. Also, it’s good to keep in mind, that if the bubbles are small and numerous, or changes in temperature either way (sun rise or sun set), this will make the air pockets draw down. So, again, if the bubbles are small, just give it a day or so - and they will go away on their own.

Do you have other designs?

We have thousands upon thousands of designs that are not posted on our site.  So just email us and describe what you are looking for and we can get some images together for you to view.

Are the decals hard to apply?

No, these decals are easy to apply. Just peel the decal off with the application tape. Apply to clean surface. Rub the decals, on the a clean surface, then carefully peel off the application tape. 

Will the decal harm my painted surfaces of my vehicle?

NO! But here are a couple of concerns. Do not apply decals to 'fresh' paint. After a decal sits on your vehicle for many years and you want to remove the decal, the paint underneath could be effected, by not being exposed to the weather conditions. The paint, under the decal would be brighter and have a shine, like when it was new. The decal glue will not have any effect on the paint.

Can your vinyl decals be clear coated (painted)? If so, what is the procedure?

As far as the clear coat goes: The manufacturer does not recommend it. That being said, everybody does it. Most body shops never have a problem.

A word of advice: Dust them with a very light spray for the first few coats before applying heavier layers as the decal tends to bubble with initial coat if its too heavy due to underlying paint softening.

Customers Reviews: I used Plasti-kote spray can paints. Self etching primer, Gloss enamel basecoats and Acrylic enamel clear coats. The basecoats must be applied with aprox 20 minutes between coats and application of decal after about 30 minutes. Clear coats should be applied directly after decal application using a light coat first then subsequent coats with aprox 20 minutes between. The trick is not to let the layers cure (aprox 24 to 48 hours curing time) but to apply all coats of base and clear with aprox 20 minutes between so that they set but dont cure. Letting them cure and then reapplying base or clear will cause orange peel effect. Hope this helps future users.

Another customer doing Corn Hole boards said he uses Minwax® Helmsman® Spar Urethane with no problem at all . Its specially formulated as a protective clear finish for exterior or interior wood exposed to sunlight, water, or temperature changes.

Can vinyl car decals be applied to t shirts?

No - vinyl car decals can't be applied to t-shirts.
But we can print out the car decal design in the right t-shirt material and iron it on a shirt for you

What may reduce vinyl to last a shorter time?

1. Flat (not vertical) installation. For instance a hood graphic life expectancy is just 5 years.

2. Submerged graphics. If your graphics are installed on a boat below the waterline, life expectancy is less then 5 years. In salt water, below the water line is not recommended.

3. Harsh chemicals and detergents can cause damage. This includes 'wax buildup'. For instance, if you wax your graphic,lettering, etc.. and leave wax along the edges, some waxes when wet can 'eat' at the edges causing damage over time. Also, just as some chemicals can cause wear on paint or plastic - they can also cause the same to the vinyl. A good rule of thumb is: If it can hurt the surface your vinyl is applied to, it can hurt the vinyl. So, as an example, lacquer thinner, acid rain, etc.. WILL damage the vinyl just as it will the paint of a car. Besides the above, you should get many many years of use from the vinyl. If you have any other questions let us know.

Can the vinyl be used on painted walls? Appliances?

YesYesYes - These are our favorite decals. This is becoming a more common application of our product. It is a bit overkill in that our vinyl is designed for outside use for many many years. You will have no problem inside. Just keep in mind to make sure the surface is clean and oil free. Also, it may take more than the standard 3 days for the vinyl to fully adhere after installed. Possibly up to 30 days. This does not mean the decals and/or lettering will peel off on it's own during the 'curing' period. But kids (and others) might easily pick it off until it adheres fully.

The decal kept sticking to the paper backing. What should I do?

This happens because of high humidity. But it can be fixed. Lay the graphic on a table with the paper on the bottom, the pre mask on the top, re-squeegee the pre mask. Then start back with step #1, it should work now. If it went through very high humidity the wax paper can tear and stick to the vinyl but not to the pre mask. If this happens, it takes a delicate touch using a knife/razor blade/finger nail (or whatever you have handy) to slide between the paper and graphic where it has torn. This is rare, but it has happened. If it messes up, let us know, and we'll send another one out.

What is the Wet Method?

I don't understand the part about using the Wet Method?

The more water/soap solution you spray, or the stronger the soap content, the longer you will have to wait for the decal to adhere well (ie - the longer you will have to wait to remove the top mask) In cooler weather (below 60) many don't use any solution. If you do so, in cooler weather, use very little on either the decal or intended surface. Note: do not get the wax paper wet.

How difficult is it to remove the decal?

The decals will not come off till you want them off :) But when you do, they come off easily. On glass, very easy. Simply slide a razor blade under the decal. Once removed any glue can be removed with glass cleaner. On painted surfaces a little bit more work. Pick and pick and pick with your finger nail. If in the sun it comes off better. But it does come off with no damage to the paint. Remove the glue with mineral spirits.

Is it OK for my windshield wipers to hit the decal?

Valid concern. Your decals will do 'fine' even with the windshield wipers hitting them. However, as you may have noticed, windshield wipers can pick up dirt and scratch even the windshield. So, if they scratch the windshield they will damage the decal. That being said, you should have many years of use - even with the wipers 'hitting' (just make sure they stay clean and do not wear out).

Can I get lettering to fit the curve of your windshield?

Windshield curves vary greatly from model to model (so no standard arch/curve would work). If you desire to match the curve, it is best to take the extra time to lay each letter one at a time. This then would exclude letters that are joined together (ie - cursive).

What happens if I order the wrong size / color / item?
Can I get my money back?

We print and/or cut all orders as they are ordered, we do not keep stock on the shelves. We strongly encourage you to give careful attention when placing your order. Since we strive to achieve fast turnaround on all orders, if you make a mistake email or call us right away. We may be able to change your order before production begins. However keep in mind, most orders mail out the same day ordered. If your custom order is made, but then your realize something should have been different..... this is very sad. We don't like to send out products that wont work - even if they are made how they were requested. On the other hand, we can not absorb all mistakes. What can we do? All that we can. This may mean a reduced price on sending out the corrected item. So again, please, pay careful attention when placing your order. And if you have any questions please let us know right away.

Can I put your decals on painted wood?

This is a very common question but the answer is not a simple "Yes" or "No". The answer depends on the paint and how it is applied to the wood. Keep in mind, in time all paint fails. The better the paint and the better it is applied (surface prepped, applied correctly and at the right temperature, and etc...), the better the vinyl will stay applied. The problem with vinyl applied to painted wood lies in not that the vinyl comes off the paint, but that the sealed paint (vinyl over it) can come loose if it is not 'good paint job'*(see above description). All this being said, most never have a problem, but because we can not predict the quality of the painted surface, we can not guarantee the application.

Can your graphics be applied to a boat?

Yes, this is an ideal application for our graphics. Since many of the pre-made graphics have sizes that are more ideal for cars, trucks, and SUV's. These graphics can be easily sized to fit your boat. With the graphic you pick in mind, simply measure the area on your boat where you'd like that graphic.

I want to send you a design I created. What file format should I send?

The best file formats are .ai, .eps, .png, .cdr

We can 'handle' just about any graphic file format. But, please, no .doc files. Word documents are highly dependant on outside files and are version sensitive. To at least make sure we are all on the 'same page', try sending as a .jpg , .gif , .bmp , .tif and we will be able to view the graphics. If unfamiliar with these formats, here's a trick that may work: open the file in word, press 'print scrn' on your keyboard. Open the 'paint' program and edit paste then save as a .bmp. This is not the best way, but it will work fine to get us started. However, these graphic files are only for viewing. They are in raster formats (bunch of dots) and can not be 'scaled'. So a hand redraw would be needed :(. The best file formats are .ai, .eps, .png, .cdr, These can be saved to include vector graphics (compared to raster or dot graphics). If your artwork can be remade in a vector format, it will save MUCH money on a redraw. Please don't just open a raster file and re save as in a vector format. We wish it was that easy :) You would just have a raster file saved in a vector format :( If you want to do the redraw yourself, there are several free 'trace' programs out there. 'Trace' programs convert from raster to vector. After the conversion, depending on the original quality, much 'cleanup' or redrawing could be needed. Hope not. It's best to start with the highest quality image. If you have any questions let us know.

What do you mean you "Design for Free"?

Thank you for the question. First, of course, this does not mean we work for free. But we do indeed design mostly for free. So on many thousands of products offered you can customize and we'll design to your specifications at no additional charge. To illustrate first with our decals. When ordering you can tell us any additional design specifications. For instance, you can add text (and tell us which letter style, and how to position the lettering -ie-'arched'), or have the decal mirrored from what is online, and etc... All at no additional charge. From our point of view, you are simply paying for the material - what is designed in the material does not alter the price.

So then things that would raise the price are 1. a larger size and 2. more colors. But the design is free.

We design for free. It is true, some like to leave it all up to us. If that's the case, we will still put the same energy and thought into the creative process. On the other hand, we do like it when the customer wants a proof or wants 'a hand in the design process'. This way, the customer knows and we know what is created will be liked. This eases our minds also. Nothing is more disheartening than creating something that is not liked. We look forward to the design process with our customers and do not try to rush this process at all.

What kind of care and cleaning is needed on magnetic signs?

There are several points to keep in mind. But first, before the 'horror stories', it is good to know that most folks 'slap on the signs and forget' and never have a problem. That being said, a few points.
1. Fresh paint should not have magnetic signs. Fresh paint gives off solvents for some time. If the paint is sealed (either with a wax or magnetic sign) the paint can darken where sealed. This is permanent. How long should paint 'cure'? It varies depending on the quality of the paint. But at least 30 days on all paints. Cheaper paint - up to a year! Factory paint or fully cured paint - never any problems like this.
2. Both surfaces must be clean. If a dirt and grime are on the back of the magnetic or on the paint, this can rub on the paint. In time, leaving faint scratch marks. While it is nothing that a little buffing can't take care of, why risk the problem. Clean the paint and magnetic's before applying. And from time to time (when you wash your truck or car) take a moment to clean both surfaces.
3. Ideally, the magnetic's should be stored flat and someplace warm. If you 'throw in the back of the truck on a cold day' - later when you pick them up and try to apply they could either crack (if real cold) or not conform to the surface and later blow off. Again, if possible, store in a warm area and keep flat. If they do get cold and where left 'balled up', warm up and gently work with till flat once again. Again, not likely to ever have this problem, but it is good to know.
4. Finally, while it is very rare, in cold/freezing/wet weather magnetic can come off - and be lost - as you go down the road. It seems that water gets under the magnetic's and when it freezes, lifts the magnetic's loose. Again, very rare, but it has happened. It's best to remove in wet winter weather. All the above being said, all these 'horror stories' are very rare. Most folks 'slap on a forget'. If you take just a few precautions you'll have many years of use from your magnetic's.

Can I wax or wash my vehicle right after I install the decals?

For washing, you need to wait a couple days in the winter. Just one day in the summer (let it get some sun). If you use the 'wet method' for installation double the waiting period. For waxing, wait 5 days. If you used the wet method or installed during winter time, wait 10 days. But be careful! Some waxes have strong solvents and cleaners that can eat at the edge of the vinyl. Especially if you allow wax buildup on the edge, can this become a problem. That being said, be careful and you'll do just fine. Note: while waxing may not hurt the decal, the decal does not need waxing.

What are etched look glass vinyl decals?
Our etched look glass decals are cut from a premium exterior grade adhesive backed sign vinyl with the look of etched or frosted glass. Alot of people ask for cling frosted and that is not a product we sell.

Can designs be modified to suit different tastes?
Yes, we can add or remove elements of most designs and resize to fit your glass or mirror perfectly. Just fill out the free quote form with your details and we'll give you a price. Most simple customizing costs nothing,

Do you offer application services?
Yes, but local customers only. Should you need assistance any local body shop or decal company might be able to help you.

Can you cut a decal from a photo, drawing or idea that we have?
Yes, we do custom design work and business logos but we do charge for our time to custom create your special design.

Do you offer quantity discount pricing?

On products we make - always. Why do we offer discount pricing on the products we make (and not just offer the lower pricing to start with)? Answer: it takes almost the same amount of time to produce 1 of something as it does 10. So the overall time spent on each item is much less when large quantities are ordered. So, we gladly pass this saving on to the customer. How much of a discount? This is where it gets complicated. It really is a job by job calculation. Some smaller more detailed decals and lettering take allot of time for each one. So really not much time is saved on each item - even if allot are ordered. But on other items, we offer up to a 50% discount. Another variable figured into the discount is size. Some sizes are very wasteful on material - leaving allot of scrap - and room for discount pricing :). Other sizes are not wasteful at all - not leaving much room for discount pricing. NOTE: We don't like waste. Many customers can attest that sometimes they get more than they ordered. If the material is going to be wasted, we'll 'nest' another 'extra' item and 'throw it in' with the order. Because of this variable (size), quantity discounts can vary allot from job to job. I know this doesn't offer the answer most are looking to receive.

If you are thinking of ordering a very large quantity, email us your details (sizes, colors, item number, etc...) -- we'll quickly figure your larger discount.

Should you be worried about placing an order online with us?

Not at all! We take every precaution to ensure all transactions are safe. The shopping cart system was selected because of its secure nature. And we DO NOT keep credits card on file at all.

Can I mail in an order with a personal check or money order? If so, how?

Yes, we'd love to have your business. How to order? Simply add your items to the shopping cart, just like normal and at the bottom of your order select "Check/Money Order" and print out your order and mail to:

Live Oak Productions Inc.
61 Pocono Manor Drive
Clifton, PA 18424

Do you accept Purchase Orders from municipals?

Yes, we'd love to have your business. How to order? Simply place a quote or add your items to the shopping cart, and in the check out screen for payment type select "Purchase Order". You must then call us with your purchase order number and we will note that in your order and start printing.


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Most designs are owned and property of Live Oak Productions any one caught copying OUR EXCLUSIVE decals will be prosecuited.
Some vinyl decals are aftermarket. They are not factory original Decals. All logos and registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies and the use of any purchased vinyl decal is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. By clicking the "Buy" button the purchaser agrees to these terms and regulations.